Student-led education.

We find the most passionate mentors to teach what they love to learn, resulting in engaging and ambitious curriculum to challenge and inspire.


Approachable mentors.

As college students, SENDforC mentors uniquely connect with K-12 students through a greater sense of relatability. Mentors serve as more than mere educators by providing friendship, counseling, and support as students progress through elementary, middle, high school, and college.


Creative curriculum.

With guidance from our coordinators, SENDforC mentors are able to deliver challenging curriculum in a creative fashion, introducing young students to content which outpaces typical classrooms.


Research-based teaching.

SENDforC lessons focus on guiding students through the process of research, training a process of organic discovery that can be extended to all learning, current and future.


Inspiring innovation.

SENDforC members — university mentors and K-12 students alike — have gone on to pursue award-winning research and community improvement efforts. Several of them became successful companies!