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Ethan Zhu


My overarching responsibility as President is to oversee continued progress toward our visions and goals through the coordination of all organization elements here at San Diego. I bridge the gap between educational development and logistical coordination, both of which are critical to the successful delivery of SENDforC programs. I aim to build a solid foundation of educational curriculum, school relationships, and procedural guidelines that can be used as the basis for accelerated growth for the San Diego chapter, while inspiring our officers, mentors, members, and students to embody the entrepreneurial and research-based principles which define the organization’s vision.

Major: Biochemistry and Cell Biology Minor: Psyhology
Year: Sophomore

Career Goals: Joining the medical profession as a physician-researcher while contributing toward the reshaping of healthcare accessibility. 

Affiliations: UCSD Health and Medical Professions Preparation Program (HMP3), Biological Sciences Student Association (BSSA)

Research Experience: Nuclear pore complex and its role in nuclear organization, cell differentiation, aging, and disease

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Angela Huang

Marketing Director

Currently I am responsible for all marketing efforts for the UC San Diego Chapter. I truly believe in the SENDforC mission so my goal is to involve as many student mentors and track leads as possible with the surrounding San Diego schools. Education is the true equalizer in society today, so what better way to help underserved students than to pique their interests in subjects not available in their classrooms!

Major: Cognitive Science Specializing in Human Computer Interaction
Year: Sophomore

Career Goals: Currently it is to become a Venture Capitalist. However I would love to incorporate other passions of mine into a dream job involving art, fashion, investing and business.

Research Experience:  Investigating the differences and variations in college/university support among minority students.

Awards: Excellence in Undergraduate Research for Marshall College at UCSD