Willy Ju

Program Director


My role is to ensure that the UC Berkeley chapter operations are running smoothly and for promoting transparency between parent organization and chapter members. Furthermore, I act as the primary point of contact between the partnership school and the collegiate UC Berkeley chapter.

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology- Immunology Year: Senior

Career Goals: I hope to become a practicing physician who can bring positive change to our health care system and to communities that I serve. 

Affiliations: Health Leads, West County Health Center, Bears for Financial Success, Organizing for Health Advancement, Team HBV 

Research Interests: I’m interested in the novel research being done in cancer immunotherapy and its social implications in individualized patient care. 

Awards: Most Creative Google Science Fair Award (2014) by Instructables, Eagle Scout

Contact Email: willy.ju@berkeley.edu

Julie Yu

Finance Director


My role is to create a budget, manage reimbursements, and apply for funding so that we can have the financial support we need to have a robust program for our students!

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology: Immunology
Year: Senior

Career Goals: I hope to eventually get an MBA and start my own company.

Research Experience:  Neurogenesis in neural stem cells, BRCA mutation and high throughput screening.

Awards: 1st place in a Life Sciences Business Case competition.

Contact Email: juliemyu@berkeley.edu

Emily Paszkiewicz

Track Lead Director


As a Track Lead Director, I will help to design and implement the curriculum for high school students. This includes guiding track leads and finding resources for the tracks and the research projects.

Major: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
Year: Sophomore

Affiliations: Engineers Without Borders, Institute Industrial and Systems Engineers, Berkeley Ballet Company

Research Experience: Researched microalgae as a source of biofuels and wastewater remediator.

Awards: Award for Excellence in Science given by FSHA

Contact Email: emilypasz@berkeley.edu

Sofia Cruz

Track Lead

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 10.19.02 PM.png

As Track Lead, I help design curriculum for STEM tracks, ensure the efficiency and progress of each track, assist with Mentors, and communicate with other leads to enrich the SENDforC program and learning experience for the students.

Intended Majors: Integrative Biology or Molecular Environmental Biology and Gender & Women's Studies Year: Sophomore

Career Goals: I plan to be a physician specifically for Women's Health alongside from being an advocate and educator on women's health/reproductive health, as well as applying integrative medicine in my practice.

Affiliations: Ladies for Change, Teen Advocate for Science Communication and Leadership Design Team at the California Academy of Sciences, Academic Talent Development Program Residential Counselor for international high school students with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education

Research Interests: I’m interested in research pertaining to public health targetting youth or women that can be useful in preventative health studies.

Contact Email: sofiapcruz@berkeley.edu

Sebastian Ong-Osmond

Training Director


In my role as Training Director, I work to create workshops and other events around the concepts of Community Grounding and Mentor Skills. The existence of both of these ensure that mentors are not only able to interact with mentees and others in a way that is productive and empowering, but are also aware of the larger significance of the work that they execute. Our workshops and check-in center around ideas of scholar activism, progressive education, community engagement, and social justice.

Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Minor: Political Economy
Year: Senior

Career Goals: My career goals include sustainable development, community-based public health, and environmental education.

Research Interests: I love research around the political economy of waste and sustainability, as well as health inequity and inaccessibility.

Affiliations: Southeast Asian Student Coalition, GlobeMed at Berkeley

Contact Email: songosmond@berkeley.edu

Carissa Tinoco

University Outreach Director


As the University Outreach Director, my main duty is to generate membership on-campus and promote retention through planned club socials. I also handle the Berkeley chapter's social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Major: Molecular Environmental Biology with an emphasis on Environment & Human Health
Year: Senior

Career Goals: I aspire to become a primary care physician and use this platform to advocate for the importance and accessibility of preventative health care

Affiliations: Biology Scholars Program at UC Berkeley

Research Experience: Gamma ray excess analysis using NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope database to determine whether source is due to dark matter or millisecond pulsars

Contact Email: cstinoco@berkeley.edu

CV: www.linkedin.com/in/carissatinoco

Sally Jeon

Chapter Founder & Advisor


“I love science, and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awed by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and reinvigorate it.” ― Robert M. Sapolsky

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology- Neurobiology
Minor: Education
Year: Alumni, Class of 2015!

Career Goals: Joining the medical field as a physician-leader in patient-centered care, biomedical education and community-based public health research.

Current Affiliations: UCSF Department of Emergency Medicine Education Unit, Berkeley Free Clinic, Children's Hospital Oakland.
Past Affiliations: Head Facilitator for "Stem Cells: Science & Society" Decal (2014), BUILD Literacy Director (2014), Co-founder of Premed@Berkeley (2013)

Research Experience: Tensions in progressive critical pedagogy, Stem cells and muscle regeneration, Statistical modeling of multi-state systems & computational methods in quantum chem.

Accomplishments: UCSF Diversity & Inclusion Staff Certificate Program Graduate (2017), First-place Prytanean Women's Honor Society EmpowerMe Night (2016), UC Berkeley Women's Leadership Intensive participant (2016)