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Benyam Alemu, SENDforC Executive Director

Ben brings proven senior management experience at the intersection of business development, academic research, technology entrepreneurship and nonprofit management. His experiences range from leading companies, serving on institutional steering committees, designing university coursework, creating research experiences and influencing educational policy.

Benyam Alemu is a senior Biochemistry & Cell Biology and Education Studies student at UC San Diego. He is deciding between various doctorate (PhD) programs. He also leads a health technology firm that contracts software to hospitals with the goal of improving their patient rehabilitation and operating efficiency.

He has worked in 7 laboratories across UC San Diego and Harvard University. Ben’s projects included designing a replacement for inhalers, chemical biology analysis through mass spectrometry and computational biophysics applied to computer-aided drug discovery and making novel inquiries in structural biology topics such as protein folding and protein engineering.

He serves on the UC San Diego Changemaker Steering Committee, has been selected to the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps and the Westly Prize for Young Innovators of California (Top 10 Californian under age 28) among other local and national honors.

Alemu serves as the primary organizer responsible for the organization's training, documentation and teaching programs. He is a point of contact for SENDforC and is open to collaborations. He has his fingerprints over all the SENDforC projects locally and globally.



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Kevin Ninomiya, SENDforC Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Kevin served as SENDforC's founder and CEO in 2014. Since 2016, he has since shifted to leading our financial, accounting and administrative groups.

He creates sustainable corporate strategy to fulfill the non-profit mission as well as to encourage passion for social giving by our volunteers and beneficiaries. He ensures required documentation is submitted for licensing purposes and budgetary needs are met for our program's mission.

Kevin possess a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, where he also completed his Bachelor's degree. His thesis was on manufacturing optimization and held internship and part-time positions in the fields of manufacturing research, IT and systems analysis. He will be supplement his technical and administrative training with admission to law school this upcoming fall.

He currently works as a Development Engineer and Project Manager at Daikin Applied America's Inc. in Minneapolis, MN. He covers a wide range of engineering roles including controls, programming, electrical, mechanical and manufacturing as well as non-technical roles such as assisting with project management, cost analysis, supply chain/purchasing and export control documentation.

He also is an avid volunteer in STEM education, community-based groups and hope to continue to build technology and volunteer-based corporations that can lead to a more secure and positive world.



Pedro Andres Cantoran, SENDforC Accounting Coordinator

Third year accounting major at the University of San Diego. Work with the finance team to submit required financial documents as well as maintaining and producing budgets. Maintains and keeps record of all inflow and outflow of money.


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Public Relations/Design

Amber Tang, SENDforC Designer

In charge of visual design and branding of SENDforC. Coordinates with Social Media Group mostly to encourage publicity through graphics.

Amber is a Cognitive Science major specialization in Human Computer Interaction with a minor in Inter-disciplinary Computing in the Arts. She first discovered the world of design last year, and since then, has become a user experience enthusiast. Similar to the Bauhaus movement in the early 1990s, she believes that functionality is beautiful. Hopefully in the future, she hopes that she can further expand her design interests and education. In her free time, she enjoys drinking tea and spending time with good company.

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